Why us

During all these years, we work closely with numerous customers striving for cost down with authentic products and wholehearted 

service, help them to the improve supply chain efficiency and production safety. Try once, you will know our vaule add.

Quality Commitment 

We see Quality as our fundation and vital to our career. Continuously reinforce the quality control practices help us significantly 

decrease the amount of counterfeit product. Please click Quality Control Methods to know more.


1. Vendor Audit and Evaluate System 
2. 100% quality inspected for each piece of parts sold by East Titan Electronic.

▲We do External inspection at microscopic level and implement testing in company and certified test labs including decapsulation, 

X-ray, electronical test, function test, Rohs, solderbility and program.

3. GM be responsible for Quality
4. Training and mentoring program
5. Make Quality an internal policy written in Associate Manual and labor contract



For each pcs of product sold by East Titan Electronic, We provide warranty 90 days- 1 year, ensure to meet the form, fit and function of the original manufacturer's specification.

Strong Ability to Fulfill Your Purchasing List

1. More than 2,000,000 partts can be delivered same day of your PO. No lead-time needed.

2. All the years in supply chain, we keenly know the market and established excellent business relations with partners. We consolidate resources to provide genuine products 

and best price. We do have advantage in Asia components field.

3. Over 1,500 reliable vendors including OEM, OBM, franchised and 1-tier distributors specialized on certain 
brand/product series. They are audited by quarter and verified 


4. Breath of products: IC, Diodes, Relays, Sensors, Switches, Memory, Opto, Connectors, Capacitor&resistor 
etc; Commercial, industrial and military parts; obsolete and 

hard-to-find parts.


1.Responds in 1 hour for customers’ inquiry, or any other services required.
2. Same day delivery, no lead time need to wait for.

Flexible pricing:

1.Credit for long-term loyal customers
2. Big discount for long PO list

Excellent service gratifying customers

1.Commit to 100% customer satisfaction

Sourcing parts in fast speed, recommend for your design, order accuracy and on-time delivery. The whole process we gratify customers the most.

2.Service on details wholeheartedly: the whole team of our staffs including Quality control inspectors, Sales representatives, 

Warehouse manager, and Component engineers commit to work with our customers and partners for good results.

3.Contact us directly any time on telephone, e-mail, or live web chat, at your disposal 24 hours a day. 

  We believe shorten process=fast action.

4.Stand by you from products developing, prototype to mass production.

Contact us for more details about Quality Control Techniques, price strategy, and any other information mentioned above.